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Working at Chekydot Studio

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 8:29 AM
As of Aug 29 2012 I am now part of a group of digital illustrators at :iconchekydot-studio:
Based in Malang, Indonesia, Chekydot studio was founded by the great AdmiraWijaya a veteran artist whose works can already be seen in various comics and covers such as Ninjettes, Voltron, and most recently; Batgirl Annual #1. Such an honour to be working alongside one of the country's illustration monstah!

From now, most things I upload will be work-related or, at least, included as the Studio's portfolio.
Hopefully they are better than what I've been doing so far, because I'll be closely monitored by Big Boss (as well as fellow Chekydoters). phew!

Chekydot Studio's Facebook page:…
My personal Facebook page:

I will still accept commissions, though, but not requests.
Art Trades depend on my availability, type of request, and trader's skills.
Oh don't worry, you don't need to have godlike skills. So don't be afraid to ask :)
Paypal Stamp by artist4com
:thumb158266413::thumb158266573:Art trades With DECENT ART by AwesomeStamps

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A) DIGITAL PAINTING (all prices are in USD)


- Head----------- 30
- Bust------------ 55
- full body------- 70+

Full colour

- Head------- 40 (e.g.:……
- Bust-------- 70 (e.g.:……
- full body--- 90+ (e.g.:……

note: prices may vary depending on detail

- $ 30 (+15 /extra head)

C) COMICS --- **NEW!**
- colouring only -------  45 /page (……

- include references (if any)
- I will keep you updated with my progress.
- I will put the finished artwork(s) in my portfolio.
- I'll appreciate it if you credit me as the artist while you re-post my drawings here or elsewhere.


- Payment via PayPal only (for now) e-mail: j_tjota(at)
- please pay 20 - 50% deposit to initiate sketch
- Do not transfer anything if we haven't come into an agreement.

thank you! :D
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Howdy! After more training and a couple of commission requests, I've finally put together this list! :D
Please kindly read thoroughly before contacting me.
Oh and this is a relatively new experience for me, so please be kind & gentle.

1. You tell request
2. You pay 50% deposit to initiate sketch
3. I sketch based on request (with reasonable amount of revisions)
4. I send sketch to you
5. If you like it, you pay full price to initiate painting
6. Payment via PayPal only (for now) e-mail: j_tjota(at)
7. I paint, on average 3 - 7 days, depending on detail
8. I send image to you.

+ Please describe what you want as detailed as possible.
+ Mention the mood: dark, fun, sexy, cool, elegant, etc.
+ Beautiful portfolio is better than rushed, crap works.
+ Customer's satisfaction is prioritised.
+ With more time comes more quality.
+ I really like to challenge myself to draw something unique.
+ By default, I will send the final artwork in .png format.

- Do not transfer anything if we haven't come into an agreement.
- I have the right to decline your request.
- I will put the artworks in my portfolio, DeviantART, etc.
- Don't use my works commercially without notifying/crediting myself.

+ Human-----------characters, fan-art, celebrities, etc.
+ Humanoid-------elves, cyborgs, zombies, ghosts, etc.
+ Non-human-----monsters, animals, robots, etc.
+ Environments---indoor or outdoor
+ Objects----------vehicles, products, etc.

note #1: I like female figures. You may even get special discounts!
note #2: I prefer realism style.
note #3: I can't deny manga is very popular these days. Yes, I will do Manga (for now).
note #4: Prices for objects are negotiatable.

- Pornography, hentai
- Depiction of hatred (racism, religious, etc.)
- Graphic/abstract/tattoo/website design
- Vector/vexel/pixel art

Please send me a note/e-mail me with the following details:

Name/DeviantID     :
PayPal e-mail      :
Commission title   :
Commission package : (refer to the price list below)
Commission details :

Canvas/print size  :
Orientation        : landscape/portrait
Reference URL      :

A) DIGITAL PORTRAIT (all prices are in USD)



- Head----------- 40 (+20 /extra person)---(+5 with background)
- Torso and up- 50 (+30 /extra person)---(+5 with background)
- 3/4 body------- 60 (+40 /extra person)---(+7 with background)
- full body------- 75 (+50 /extra person)---(+10 with background)

Full colour

- Head------------ 60 (+35 /extra person)----(+10 with background)
- Torso and up-- 80(+45 /extra person)---(+15 with background)
- 3/4 body------- 100 (+60 /extra person)---(+25 with background)
- full body-------- 120 (+80 /extra person)--(+50 with background)

I promise I'll give you my best effort!
That's that for now. Anything extra, just contact me and we will work something out! :woohoo:
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